2010 / 08 / 04 FAXCONT announces flexible build-in IP network camera housings

FAXCONT announces flexible build-in IP network camera housings which provide saving on cost and installation
Taipei, Taiwan 08/04/2010

FAXCONT, a leading brand of surveillance enclosures based on Taiwan, announced its new product model FC-607, IP (wireless) network camera accessories (housings), which is flexible in variety combinations, and can fit in any size, any brand’s (IP) network camera, such as AXIS, ACTi, SONY, PANASONIC, SAMSUNG, VIVOTEK, TOSHIBA, GANZ, ELMO, JVC, CANON, SANYO.

FC-607 is an attractive handsome outdoor (indoor) top open housing, with build-in thermostatically controlled fan/heater. It has an ABS & PC top, an Aluminum bottom, and an Aluminum sun-shield (optional for outdoor use) to protect camera against heat from sunshine. FC-607 can accommodate camera/lens combinations up to 4.13" wide, 3.54" high and 11.81" long. There is an array of optional accessories and solutions for your flexible combinations, such as wireless Antennas, PoE Splitter, FEVE, IR LAMP, and variety brackets, etc.

The outstanding features:

  1. Outdoor top open camera housing.
  2. Top:ABS & PC / Bottom:Aluminum / Sun-Shield:Aluminum
  3. Appearance Size:157(W)x 130(H)x 460(L)mm
  4. Suitable Camera Size:108(W)x 75(H)x 300(L)mm
  5. Built-in Fan & Heater (Optional)
  6. FEVE Coating: Endure harsh environment, prevents acid and base moisture, five years warranty. (Optional)
  7. IR LAMP. (Optional)
  8. Wireless. (Optional)
  9. RJ45 Water Proof Connector. (Optional)
  10. PoE. (Optional)

FAXCONT series surveillance enclosures are all made in Taiwan, with high quality, and low price. In the present business depression, it should be able to reduce your cost and create a high profit for you. The mass production of FC-607 is now available and also welcome you Private Label orders, OEM/ODM.

FAXCONT is the own brand of Chains Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 1991, Taipei, Taiwan. It has been a leading professional designer and manufacturer of CCTV products for over a decade, and specialized in the production of dome enclosures (housings). FAXCONT series surveillance enclosures include IP network housings, 6 inch half-sphere dome / 6, 7 and 9 inch dome housings, Vandal proof Dome Housings, Speed Dome cameras, brackets, adapters, etc. For more detail information please visit www.faxcont.com or contact sales2@faxcont.com