Keyboard Controller
FC-102 Dome / Camera Controller
Key Features
  • Manual control of up to 1024 Dome/Cameras and pan/tilt: IRIS, focus, zooms, ratio, up, down, left, right.
  • Connects FAXCONT® Outdoor or Indoor decoder between keyboard and any other brand camera's or pan/tilts. The keyboard can also control these devices.
  • Auto-pan angle can be setup, auto-pan start and stop for any selected pan/tilt.
  • Each speed dome can be preset up to of 128 positions; each position is dwell time 1 ~ 99 sec.
  • Each speed dome includes 4 auto-scan groups, each group with 8 preset positions.
  • Up to 16 sets of FAXCONT® series keyboard controller can be linked.
  • LCD displays the current control status.
  • 1024 alarm address, monitor arm/disarm control and alarm manual acknowledgement.