Speed Dome
FC-460 Samsung Series Speed Dome

FAXCONT ® FC-460 Samsung Series High Speed Dome is the latest technology that incorporates a newly developed Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The firmware greatly enhances operability and picture quality.

It integrates a digital camera, lens, FAXCONT ® protocol receiver, and variable high-speed pan/tilt and dome enclosure. The dome driver use a stepping motor, high acceleration rate, accurate position and smooth and steady motion to let the user very easily program and setup the target position.

The dome is capable of 128 preset target positions, 360° continuous pan rotation, 90° tilt scan range and 180° auto flip. A built-in fan and heater keep the inner temperature at operational range. There is a heavy duty Aluminum wall mount bracket and double layer 6" dome to isolate outside temperature.

Order Information
  • Indoor Speed Dome:Matches with FC-12H、FC-16H
  • Outdoor Speed Dome:Matches with FC-16W、FC-27W、FC-27WN 、FC-29W