Keyboard Controller
FC-MK III System Controller

The FC-MK III System Controller is for the control of large scale CCTV system. It delivers a most important feature as access to programming all of our matrix systems and speed domes connected to a matrix.

The operator can control the matrix system's devices with FC-MK III System Controller. Keys are provided for control of motorized lens functions (iris and focus, as well as zoom) and activation of user programmable presets, patterns, and auxiliaries for suitably-equipped domes and pan/tilts. For instance: camera power switch, auxiliary lighting, pan/tilt control, wiper switch and warming-up of outdoor housing, Video sequence tour and slave control. Besides, FC-MK III System Controller can control the DVR and Multiplexer. And with the 3D joystick, zoom ratio and speed of pan and tilt can be easily adjusted. The LCD display indicates the current selected monitor, camera and system status, as well as the numbers entered from the keypad. Through the highly advanced design, comprehensive applications can be easily programmed.

Order Information
  • FC-MK III-A Network 3D Matrix Controller.
  • FC-MK III-B 3D Joystick Matrix Controller.
  • FC-MK III-C Matrix Controller.