FC-608 Camera Housings
  • Outdoor top open camera housing.
  • Top:Aluminum / Bottom:Aluminum / Sun-Shield:Aluminum
  • Appearance Size:157(W)x 130(H)x 340(L)mm
  • Suitable Camera Size:108(W)x75(H)x 180(L)mm
  • Compliance to IP68 and IK10 vandal proof certification.
  • Built-in Fan & Heater (Optional)
  • FEVE Coating: Endure harsh environment, prevents acid and base moisture, five years warranty. (Optional)
  • IR LAMP. (Optional)
  • PoE. (Optional)
  • Packing: 8 pieces in one carton
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Order Information
  • FC-608 Housing
  • FC-608 IR Housing
  • FC-608D Housing