PI300 PoE Injector
  • PI300 is a high power, PSE Power Injector for use in Power over Ethernet systems. With Ethernet Input (data only) port and Output (data + power) port, PI300 may deliver up to 50 Watts over existing LAN cable to power up PoE PD devices for power hungry PoE applications such as Wireless APs, Security cameras and IP Phones.  The internal current limit, short-circuit and overload protection are implemented to provide up to 50W of PSE output power. 

    PI300 can work in pair with P3040&P3050, a PoE splitter, to extend Ethernet connectivity another 100m with power over Ethernet capability for high power PD devices, such as 20W Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP Camera and 30W fan & heater & IR Lamps.  It forwards both Ethernet and PoE for another 330ft (100m) using an innovative power-processing scheme and multiple units can be deployed in series for even longer distances, with no degradation in network speed or latency.