Keyboard Controller
FC-MK III System Controller
Key Features
  • Equipped with pre-set functions and dome camera control editing functions.
  • Easy to operate on LCD screen. Easy to operate touch screen for pan/tilt/zoom.
    Easy to control protocol. Equipped with two sets of RS-485 and one set of RS-232 interface. Users will be able to control at the same time three and above different brands of manufacturers of High Speed Dome, DVR and Matrix main board equipment. There is no need to add any other peripherals or codec.
  • Equipped with 128 Preset Call, Auto Cruise Start, Alarm System, Automatic Scanning, Auto Scanning Shortcut Setting.
  • Easy to view screen display of decoder and working conditions.
  • Equipped with long-lasting Memory functions that prevents Memory lost in case of power interruption or power stoppage.
  • LCD screen with DVR type selection interface. The interface is for the control of among them, “Menu,” “Video,” “Fast Forward,” “Backwards,” “Search” “Interface” selection, etc.
  • Equipped with Maximum Controllable Alarm Defense Areas: 1024 pieces of camera graphics, either vertical or horizontal, focus far, focus near, iris open, iris close.
  • Able to view 256 surveillance cameras. Advanced system features and Navigation Group, settings change, and manual control.
  • Equipped with Joystick Calibration to console control up, down, left, right and automatic lens iris control, zoom far, zoom near, and other functions.
  • Equipped with Joystick Calibration, speed change and revision functions.
  • Equipped with whole function camera automatic Navigation, Scanning, Pre-set functions, and Memory Functions.
  • Equipped with whole area or single area Alarm control functions with auxiliary ON / OFF functions.
  • Equipped with Alarm Record Query, Alarm Online Query, and delete functions.
  • Equipped with automatic Record functions and automatic start Indicator Light, Alarm warning functions.
  • Able to effectively control 1024 sets of Alarm Defense Areas. Protocol compatible with various manufacturers by just using decoder. Video Recording and DVR and or other functions.
  • 32 pieces Connectible Sub-Control matrix system. Different layers of Group organization. Central command system functions (optional).